Diversity & Inclusion


Semper Capital Management, L.P. is committed to excellence, innovation, market leadership and giving back to the community. In addition, diversity and inclusion is an inherent part of Semper’s core principles. We value and respect the strengths, differences and perspectives among our employees and service providers of our firm. We are committed to recognizing, promoting and enhancing diversity and inclusion within the firm as we continue our quest for excellence as a firm and as individuals. We are committed in helping establish a supportive and welcoming workplace environment.



Semper believes diversity creates a stronger workforce. Diversity is about recognizing, respecting and valuing differences in (but not limited to) the following: Age, Race, Ethnicity/national origin, Sexual orientation, Gender (including identity or expression), Disability, Language, Religion/belief/spirituality, Education, Income & Socioeconomic Status.


Inclusion is the act of establishing policies, practices and procedures to ensure equal access to opportunities within the firm as well as supporting each individual’s personal growth to help guide the firm to success.



The Diversity and Inclusion initiative is led by the Diversity and Inclusion Committee. However, every employee must accept responsibility for and play a part in helping to strengthen diversity and inclusion culture throughout the firm. The firm plans on achieving its Diversity and Inclusion goals by (but not limited to):


Semper is committed to:

Semper is also committed to developing mutually beneficial relationships with small, minority-owned, women-owned, disadvantaged, veteran owned and local business enterprises. We have the desire to create opportunity by fostering and developing relationships with diverse vendors.

As a firm we will actively support and participate with the advocacy agencies that support the growth, development, and certification of diverse companies, including:

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee will seek to participate in advocacy agency initiatives in order to maintain awareness of resources.


Semper Capital Management is minority and veteran owned. We are proud of the following Minority Certifications (renewed annually):


Semper Capital Management’s Diversity & Inclusion Policy is available upon request.

Last updated August 2022

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