Semper Capital Management Giving Back

Community service initiatives at Semper Capital Management

Habitat for Humanity NYC
Semper partners with Habitat for Humanity NYC participating in day-long initiatives to provide affordable, high-quality homes to first-time homebuyers throughout the five boroughs of New York City. Projects range from rehabilitation of dilapidated homes to critical home repair, and this year, partnering on construction of a four-story, multi-family building, comprised of 15 two-bedroom apartments.

Mission America: Reconnecting Warriors and Citizens
Mission America is dedicated to helping military veterans from all services prepare for and cope with the challenges of military transition to civil society. To help veterans transition, this grass-roots initiative communicated the challenges facing today’s veterans, as well as the high impact performance Veterans can bring to the private and public sector.
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Stay in Step Spinal Cord Injury Recovery Center
This non-profit recovery center is designed to provide state-of-the-art recovery treatment to SCI patients in the Tampa and surrounding community area. Open to both military and civilian SCI patients, the Center takes a proactive approach to rehabilitation combined with real-time global collaboration with other SCI subject matter experts and patients, making Stay in Step a unique and unprecedented center offering SCI patients in the Tampa area a pathway by which to start their journey toward recovery.