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Semper Capital Management is an independent investment management firm specializing in residential and commercial mortgage-backed securities. Semper Capital offers institutional and high net worth investors access to multiple mortgage-centric investment platforms, ranging from private absolute return to public index-based strategies. Semper Capital has been an SEC-registered investment advisor since 1992.

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Greg Parsons on CNBC’s Fast Money June 22, 2016 discussing the current low global interest rate climate as the “new reality” for America: CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO

Private Offerings

Opportunistic absolute return fund focused primarily on non-agency RMBS, CMBS and ABS; a negative duration rising rates strategy. Registration required for access.


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Mutual Funds

Semper MBS Total Return Fund
Semper Short Duration Fund

Select the link below to view fund information, forms, and documents.

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Managed Accounts

Customized active and passive securitized debt-centric separate account strategies managed to outperform or track a published or custom fixed income index.

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Investments involve risk and principal loss is possible. The Semper MBS Total Return and Semper Short Duration Funds are distributed by Quasar Distributors, LLC and is not affiliated with other Semper products.

Semper Capital Management is a registered service mark.